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A Recent Meeting was held in the hall on Bio Diversity and was well attended.. afterwards a visit was made to the New Sensory Garden where things have been blossoming away the last while, getting ready for the big unveiling….

Visiting the Sensory Garden
Some Visitors to the Sensory Garden
Recent Picture of Developments in the Sensory Garden
Locals and Bio Diversity Group Admire the Hard Work
Lovely Picnic Area installed at the Sensory Garden
New Bio Diversity Furniture in Situ at the Sensory Garden!!


Work at the Sensory Garden continued all through the winter months, much work had been done October, November and early December and we believe an official opening will be announced soon.  Below see some photos of the recent hard work which with the lovely mild weather and early spring like conditions should mean the garden should be really starting to settle in.  Hopefully we will all have a day out soon to walk the paths and check out the flora and fauna and get acquainted with a new spot to take a stroll.

Storytelling corner perhaps?

Sensory Garden Update:   15/9/2011

The paths were poured today in the Sensory Garden.  There was a good turnout of volunteers and the first step is now complete.  A beautiful Gazebo has been made by two local tradesmen and it is a beautiful structure.  Well done, this little project will be uncovering many hidden talents amongst the village folks.  Next step Chelsea Flower Show guys…

Work has started on the New Sensory Garden situated beside the Frenchpark Creche.  A lot of ground work has already been done with clearing and pathways dug.  Pathways will be filled next week and then it will be on to the next stage.  Keep up to date with happenings here on the site.

Included are some pictures of a Sensory Garden in leitrim.  Our little sensory garden could look this good too.


Frenchpark Community Centre

The Results of the Tidy Towns 2011 are in and Frenchpark has increased it’s total on last year recording an impressive 260 points. Congratulations to all who helped. To view further info click here.

Tidy towns last batch of judging will take place this month with the results being announced in September.  Our village is looking particularly well and heres hoping that the new wildlife garden and painting and planting between Corcoran’s and Eden House helps us increase our overall tally of results yet again for 2011.

Sensory Garden

Frenchpark Tidy towns have received funding to develop a Sensory Garden in Corskeagh, beside the Creche. The garden will be fantastic amenity for all the community.  In sensory gardens, plants and other design elements are selected with the intention to provide experiences for seeing, hearing, touching and tasting.

A large gathering of people attended a rtaken by marion nooneecent meeting in the Creche for an informative session on sensory gardens.  A request for volunteers got a very healthy response and this is hoped to be improved on in the coming weeks.  There is a considerable amount of work to be done on a site approx 1/5 of an acre with a deadline of November, so we need all hands on deck.

There have been several new enhancements to the village this year through the endeavours of the the tidy town committee.  One of which the “wildlife garden 2011”  has given a home to a new resident.  The garden is very centrally located on the lower street and has a depth of planting and wildlife all settling in nicely in their new home.  Come and pay a visit it is looking very colourful at present

Eco – Unesco

courtesy of Marion Noone

Frenchpark is very honoured to be one of the first in the county to be participating in this programme.  Eco-Unesco are Ireland’s Environmental Education and Youth Organisation. The Club is for 12-18 year olds who are interested in the environment and being involved in their Community.

Frenchpark’s Eco Unesco group may be small and newly formed but they are very active in the community.  They have to date been busy helping with a clean up of some of the residential areas and most recently the club painted the Arch way between Mrs Corcoran’s and Eden House.  Some shrubbery has been added to give colour and interest to a normally dark area and also some delightful bird houses have been added with the hope of bringing some feathered friends to visit.

History of Results

Frenchpark Village has been entering Tidy towns since 2004. In the Years 2004 and 2005 marks were out of a possible maximum of 300.  We scored 179 and 184 respectively.  The following year 2006 the marking changed to 400 with the addition of a new category on waste minimisation.  Frenchpark has successfully increased its marks each year it has been in the competition , with last years marks of 248 a highly commended effort.  This year already there have been many new additions and it is hopeful that we will increase our marks yet again.

Below is a small graph setting our scoring and marking from 2006 onwards since the marking changed to a maximum obtainable 400:

Yearly Results
Tidy town Results

Tidy Towns Photos

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