Drama Group

Autumn is here, the schools are re-opening and the long nights will soon be upon us.. How about resurrecting the drama group.  A play for November in the newly renovated hall sounds like a good idea to me.   Can we spread the word lets see what kind of uptake we get.

Joe McDermott

Congratulations to Joe McDermott,  staunch Rossie supporter for increasing sales of the Independent newspaper locally last week, it made a very fine photo.. well done Joe.

Hi Everyone

Thanks for stoppping by this newly set up website.  Our aim is to try and update with all events and happenings but are new to this, so bear with us  whilst we get more information to hand and we will update as often as possible.

We have a few ideas of things we would like to do and there should be a few interesting things happening over the next few months.  Also for all those facebook fans we hope to get a page going there too, so stay tuned.


Dún Gar – the fort of favour