Celtic Iconic images


Black Hole Studio, Frenchpark have won the exclusive reproduction rights for Damian Byrnes Iconic Celtic Images. The works which featured in the PISEOG exhibition held in Cruachan AÍ Hertiage Centre in Tulsk are a series of five images based on Irish mythology.  The original artwork can still be seen in the centre. Damian has won wide acclaim for his short animation ‘Cú Chulainn’s Lament‘ which has been officially selected for film festivals in France, Chicago, Washington DC, Milan, Rome, Toronto, Holland and Ireland.

Archival reproductive prints can be bought for the reasonable price €15 (inclusive of P&P). For further details contact Black Hole Studio or view them all on Facebook


Exhibition in Roscommon Arts Centre

‘Earthlings’ – A photographic exhibition by David j. opens in the Roscommon Arts Centre on Thursday, June 7th at 5:30 pm. The show runs until Friday, June 29th. All welcome to attend. For further info go to Black Hole Studio

What can the mind imagine when faced with the bare bones of a story?

By juxtaposing images from different times and places it is intended for the viewer to contemplate the relationship between these images, and by doing so create their own narratives.Image

Dún Gar – the fort of favour