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Meet on the Street

Meet on street 017Saturday the 2nd of August saw the revival of music on the street for the bank holiday weekend.  A new ladies committee has been formed in town and the objective when it was set up was to bring back a bit of much needed community spirit. Time was against them to revive the whole festival weekend as in years gone by, but this year was hopefully the start of things taking a turn for the better in the village.

Despite torrential showers all day and several calls to cancel, they went ahead placing faith in God above and Met Eireann that the weather forecast would be right for once and that it would eventually clear up.  Sure enough after nearly drowning all those coming from mass to listen to the music and enjoy a few stalls of amusements set up, the crowd had to dive for cover under the lorry, in pub door ways, cars and private houses. Then, hurray the rain FINALLY stopped and people cautiously made a return.  Despite it being the second day of August, people were sporting rain coats, brollys, boots and warm clothing and boy did you need them, but the music got the feet tapping courtesy of Christopher Beirne and people danced on the street, chatted and had a good time.  There was a great turnout despite the weather, and maybe, in spite of it people didnt let it dampen their spirits and came out to support, proving that once again it only takes a few to get the ball rolling and people are crying out for a revival of the old ways and the need to appreciate community.  The Ladies Club have been inundated with demands to revive the whole weekend like years ago… I think they may get their wish……….Watch this space.

Cemetery Sunday

Sunday the 7th of July saw the annual graveyard mass take place.  Mass has been celebrated outside the graveyard walls for the last 15 years since Fr Kevin Earley came to Frenchpark.  We have been very lucky each year with the weather even though we have been threatened with rain at nearly every mass but we have never had to abandon yet.  Rain made its presence felt a few times and while the brolly’s got some action it never threatend to spoil proceedings too much.

This is a lovely annual event providing a chance to remember our loved ones and the chance to catch up with old friends some who travel long distances to attend mass each yearmass 011.

Happy New Year 2012

Frenchpark Crib 2011/2012

Hope everyone has survived the turkey or turkey(s) as this stage. Hope you all had a lovely christmas and enjoyed the company of family and good friends. As we start a new year let us rejoice in the little things we take for granted family, friends and neighbours.. Happy New Year to you all.

Recipe for a Good New Year


    Take twelve fine, full-grown months; see that these are thoroughly free from old memories of bitterness, rancor and hate, cleanse them completely from every clinging spite; pick off all specks of pettiness and littleness; in short, see that these months are freed from all the past—have them fresh and clean as when they first came from the great storehouse of Time.

Cut these months into thirty or thirty-one equal parts. Do not attempt to make up the whole batch at one time (so many persons spoil the entire lot this way) but prepare one day at a time.

Into each day put equal parts of faith, patience, courage, work (some people omit this ingredient and so spoil the flavor of the rest), hope, fidelity, liberality, kindness, rest (leaving this out is like leaving the oil out of the salad dressing— don’t do it), prayer, meditation, and one well-selected resolution. Put in about one teaspoonful of good spirits, a dash of fun, a pinch of folly, a sprinkling of play, and a heaping cupful of good humor.

All good things must come to an end

Well, the long awaited play has been performed and well received on two packed nights in the local hall.  I have not heard so much laughter in a long time, it was an absolute tonic. Thank you very much to our audiences on both nights who supported us it was greatly appreciated and we wont know what to do with our time now.  Thanks also to a brilliant cast who did a wonderful job.


To date there has not been a great response to putting on a play this autumn/winter.  It can take some considerable time to practise and get a play together and as we are well into the month of September now, we would want to be starting soon if there are enough interested people.  A suggestion for a 3 act play has been recommended ” The Maiden Aunt” by www.Jim Keary playwright who is  from Co Westmeath which is very funny. However, considering most may never have acted before or be a bit rusty maybe a 3 act is a bit daunting to start.  He has a few one act comedy plays too.

The hall is newly renovated and it would be a great past time for the autumn.  Could anyone who is interested please let Marion Noone know or drop an email to  Thanks