Tree Planting Ceremony

The beautiful tree donated to the Ladies club was planted recently in the grounds of St Asicus Church by the indomitable Pauline Gibbons ably assisted by Fr Earley himself. There was a great number of ladies in attendance and to conclude a few prayers were The Treesaid followed by a lovely rendition of the poem “the tree” read by Fr Earley.

Joyce Kilmer 1886 – 1918

Inisboffin and tree planting 108

I think that I shall never see,

A poem lovely as a tree

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast

A tree that looks at God all day

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear,

A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain

who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me

but only god can make a tree.

Meet on the Street

Meet on street 017Saturday the 2nd of August saw the revival of music on the street for the bank holiday weekend.  A new ladies committee has been formed in town and the objective when it was set up was to bring back a bit of much needed community spirit. Time was against them to revive the whole festival weekend as in years gone by, but this year was hopefully the start of things taking a turn for the better in the village.

Despite torrential showers all day and several calls to cancel, they went ahead placing faith in God above and Met Eireann that the weather forecast would be right for once and that it would eventually clear up.  Sure enough after nearly drowning all those coming from mass to listen to the music and enjoy a few stalls of amusements set up, the crowd had to dive for cover under the lorry, in pub door ways, cars and private houses. Then, hurray the rain FINALLY stopped and people cautiously made a return.  Despite it being the second day of August, people were sporting rain coats, brollys, boots and warm clothing and boy did you need them, but the music got the feet tapping courtesy of Christopher Beirne and people danced on the street, chatted and had a good time.  There was a great turnout despite the weather, and maybe, in spite of it people didnt let it dampen their spirits and came out to support, proving that once again it only takes a few to get the ball rolling and people are crying out for a revival of the old ways and the need to appreciate community.  The Ladies Club have been inundated with demands to revive the whole weekend like years ago… I think they may get their wish……….Watch this space.

Cemetery Sunday

Sunday the 7th of July saw the annual graveyard mass take place.  Mass has been celebrated outside the graveyard walls for the last 15 years since Fr Kevin Earley came to Frenchpark.  We have been very lucky each year with the weather even though we have been threatened with rain at nearly every mass but we have never had to abandon yet.  Rain made its presence felt a few times and while the brolly’s got some action it never threatend to spoil proceedings too much.

This is a lovely annual event providing a chance to remember our loved ones and the chance to catch up with old friends some who travel long distances to attend mass each yearmass 011.

Black Hole Studio leaves Old Courthouse

Due to expiry of the lease Black Hole Studio has vacated the Old Courthouse building in Frenchpark. The premises is now available for another artist / group of artists to apply for the use of the space. For further information please contact the arts officer Mary Mullins by phone (090) 663 7285 or by mail:

Black Hole Studio are still looking for a suitable new venue and will inform you when we have found one.ImageLast night in Black Hole Studio

The Gathering 2013 – Are we going to get involved?.

As everyone knows this is the year of the Gathering.  Are we in Frenchpark going to organise an event?.  Is there anyone with any ideas of what we could do or more importantly anyone interested in putting on an event.. August bank holiday weekend was always typically a festival weekend here in Frenchpark with Parades, Football, Activities of all sort.. football, dog shows, sports day..  beat on the street… Entertainment in the pubs, pub crawls.. the brilliant Car Treasure Hunt… to name but a few.  Could we revive it for one memorable year…!! I think we should. Roll out that old film archive of the village one night perhaps.   Lets get our thinking caps on.  Get some community spirit going….   COME ON WE CAN DO IT!!!

Celtic Iconic images


Black Hole Studio, Frenchpark have won the exclusive reproduction rights for Damian Byrnes Iconic Celtic Images. The works which featured in the PISEOG exhibition held in Cruachan AÍ Hertiage Centre in Tulsk are a series of five images based on Irish mythology.  The original artwork can still be seen in the centre. Damian has won wide acclaim for his short animation ‘Cú Chulainn’s Lament‘ which has been officially selected for film festivals in France, Chicago, Washington DC, Milan, Rome, Toronto, Holland and Ireland.

Archival reproductive prints can be bought for the reasonable price €15 (inclusive of P&P). For further details contact Black Hole Studio or view them all on Facebook


Exhibition in Roscommon Arts Centre

‘Earthlings’ – A photographic exhibition by David j. opens in the Roscommon Arts Centre on Thursday, June 7th at 5:30 pm. The show runs until Friday, June 29th. All welcome to attend. For further info go to Black Hole Studio

What can the mind imagine when faced with the bare bones of a story?

By juxtaposing images from different times and places it is intended for the viewer to contemplate the relationship between these images, and by doing so create their own narratives.Image

Dún Gar – the fort of favour